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What I Do

The Artist's Life

If you care about art, people, and the world - you're in the right place.


I've dedicated my life to creating and innovating in the arts through collaboration and education in my communities. You'll learn more about me on this website; projects I've done, things I've made, etc. But the most important thing is that I'm passionate about beauty, and making sure that YOU have access to it and can cultivate it in your own life.

My name is Michael Thompson. Thanks for being here.

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The Artist Ecosystem in the Modern World

More than ever we are bombarded with the distractions of a consumerist and transient society. Pleasure and Spectacle have begun to quickly replace Joy and Art. 

In the Words of Van Neistat

"A work of art preserves the human spirit" 

True art has now become a revolution against all that is false and ugly.

True art transforms people and societies by their mere encounter with it.

True art ultimately portrays truth and the depth of human experience.

By creating art and giving out attention to the things that are beautiful, we counteract that which is fleeting. At its best, beauty is not a thing, but rather an ecosystem of living and nonliving things, moving together symbiotically, woven and synonymous.

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